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GCPCC 2024 welcomes research (empirical, theoretical, and literature reviews), practice-based examples, as well as art, performance or media work, related to person-centered care. Abstracts can be presented orally, as a poster, as symposia/panel session (60 min.), or workshop (60 min. that must include interactive component with participants). The conference will also include a special session on state of the science in person-centred care. This will build on review contributions from conference delegates. Therefore, abstracts on reviews of person-centred care are highly appreciated.

Please note that for the second call for abstracts, open November 1st– January 8th, we will accept submissions for poster or oral presentation.

Ensure your abstract text is less than 300 words (attached file). The word count does NOT include your title, authoring, or cited references

Description of presentation formats

Authors may submit for oral, poster, workshop or symposia/panel sessions.

A maximum of 6 authors can be included in the abstract. For all formats ensure that your abstract text is no more than 300 words. The wordcount does not include title or references (optional). Make sure you adjust your abstract according to the chosen type of inquiry; either an empirical, theoretical, literature review, practice based, or art, performance and media inquiry. More practical details for all presentation formats will be available upon accepted abstracts.

 Oral presentation

Oral presentations can have one or two presenters (preliminary presenter/s to be listed in the abstract). Note that authors who submit for oral presentation may be accepted for poster instead.

Poster presentation

Posters will be displayed at the conference and presenters will be asked to be available in the poster hall to answer questions at specific times during the conference.


A workshop lasts 60 minutes and may have up to four presenters (preliminary presenter/s and roles to be listed in the abstract). A major part of the workshop should be used for group work, and a maximum of 33% of the workshop should be used for presentation. The abstract should include a specific problem theme or question that will be addressed, the outline of the workshop, and a description of the interactive component(s).  The conference organisers can provide materials such as paper, pens, markers, post-its, et cetera, if this is indicated in the abstract. Please remember that the conference targets a broad audience including clinicians, policy makers, researchers, as well as patient and informal care representatives.


Symposium/panel lasts 60 minutes and can have up to 6 presenters (preliminary presenter/s and roles to be listed in the abstract) and should focus on a specific problem, theme, or question. The first author will be assumed to act as the moderator for the symposium. The abstract for symposia/panel should include an overall aim and outline, as well as brief descriptions of each of the presentations.

Peer-review process

All abstracts submitted will be peer reviewed and ranked by expert reviewers. The first author of an abstract will be notified as to the decision to accept or reject the proposed abstract, and the presentation format. Poorly focused abstracts lacking sufficient substantial and/or methodological clarity as related to the chosen type of inquiry (either an empirical, theoretical, literature review, practice based, or art, performance, or media inquiry) will be rejected. Abstracts intended for workshops or symposia that provide a diversity of presenters representing different institutions, perspectives, career stages and demographics will be given priority in workshop and symposium selection.

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